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  • Are there forum rules at Nefitter? What's with the gendered sections?

    Discussion in started by Phil Sep 12, 2017

    1. Phil, Sep 12, 2017

      Phil New Member

      male / 41
      This thread is the question in the title. I am NOT criticising or complaining but seeking to understand the unique format of this forum I popped into. The unique format brought me here, but I am not sure I understand why it exists.

      Am I permitted to post in the Female threads? Or, is it just based on my judgement, like, for example, not commenting in the thread about sports bras because, you know, I have nothing helpful to say on the topic?

      The themes all make sense, and I like them!

      Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
    2. Nefitter, Sep 12, 2017

      Staff Member
      Nefitter Administrator

      Easier to find more relevant threads related to your interests. Especially pertaining to fitness.
    3. Horikita_Suzune, Sep 13, 2017

      Horikita_Suzune New Member

      female / 33
      I think you'll find the idea is that they give you an overall idea where to start looking. I think the idea is to post and reply where it fits, and builds on the discussion. But since men and women train a bit differently and are targeted in different ways, and might want to be a bit more gender specific in their discussions about fitness goals etc. That being said, maybe you want to weigh in on whether or not nail polish is toxic and you have some chemistry knowledge, or you're a trainer with some great advice, in that case I don't imagine that's gendered. If you're non-binary, I guess you can pick wherever you feel more comfortable depending on your needs at the time, or start a non-binary thread in either (or both) the male and female forums.

      This forum is in its infancy. That means the people here are going to get a chance to shape how it goes. That's something you won't get with the established forums. It's really fun if you think about it.
    4. MHATHORN, Sep 18, 2017

      MHATHORN New Member

      I guess there are gendered areas of the forums because males and females may have different target areas or problem areas for fitness. I suppose the differently gendered areas could be helpful for some folks who are gender specific issues. I wouldn't have a problem with a man posting on a topic that is in the female gendered forum.