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    Discussion in started by nicscano Sep 12, 2017

    1. nicscano, Sep 12, 2017

      nicscano Member

      female / 21
      I really want to commit to going to the gym and just a much more healthy lifestyle. I know many peoples use apps but I don't know if they actually work. So are they any good fitness apps out there?
    2. BladeKin, Sep 13, 2017

      BladeKin Member

      male / 22
      Personally I've never used apps.

      Working out while having to constantly check your phone seems a bit cumbersome.
    3. MariaKyrkou, Sep 14, 2017

      MariaKyrkou Member

      female / 25
      MyFitnessPal rocks if you need an app to count the calories you lose and follow your own caloric intake, for example. It works like some kind of journal where you can note your progress, what you eat (it will calculate how many calories you have consumed during the day with your meals) and you can also write into it all the exercises you did during your ordinary training and it will give you an information about how many weight/calories you could lose. I installed it some months ago when I was trying to force myself to live healthier and do some exercises at home and it was pretty cool!
    4. nicscano, Sep 14, 2017

      nicscano Member

      female / 21
      I agree but a lot of people really progress with some of them! I've heard nike has a working app and my friends are starting to use, so it sounds kinda fun.
    5. nicscano, Sep 14, 2017

      nicscano Member

      female / 21
      Sounds very helpful, my biggest problem is calorie consumption lol. I don't think I can give up sodas or chips.
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    6. Mine too! I can give up eating at night, eating a lot and things like that, but juices, sodas, sweeets, chips, flips.... no way. I think that's why my weight losing process goes a bit slower :D