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    Discussion in started by Chris_A Aug 23, 2017

    1. Chris_A, Aug 23, 2017

      Chris_A New Member

      male / 35
      What would you think is the best way to loose weight? I am a bit overweight and looking for solutions. Could a diet work? Or should I maybe hit the gym? My diet is currently pretty heavy on carbs and meat. Would cutting down a bit help me loose weight in a short time?
    2. BritCat32, Sep 8, 2017

      BritCat32 Member

      female / 25
      The best way to lose weight is being active with a healthy diet. You don't want to "go on a diet" you want to change your diet lifestyle. Eat healthy, eat for nutrition not to satisfy cravings. You don't to join a gym if you are naturally active. Walking each day is enough, some people swear by a 45 min walk every day.
    3. Phil, Sep 10, 2017

      Phil New Member

      male / 41
      Hi, Chris_A. New Nefitter (Nefitterer?) here. Chris, loose weight by cutting out carbohydrates. Eat only food recommended in the list on the below linked website and you'll lose weight.

      Basically, when you stop eating food with carboydrates (which are, essentially, sugar) your body starts to use fat and protein as its fuel. About a 75% fat / 25% protein diet is optimal. Your body metabolises fat and protein via what are called ketones. That is why once your body makes the switch it is said you are in "ketosis".

      This is obviously the coles notes on ketogenic dieting. I suggest you read up on it at the link I sent or elsewhere through Google. The more you inform yourself the more ammo you'll have to stick with it. Once you get over your carb addiction (about three days of fat/protein only), you'll be golden.

      P.S. research bullet proof coffee for something that will help you enjoy your first few days!

      P.P.S. If the forum lets newbies start threads, I'll fire one up about everything keto! Passions can get inflamed by the topic though, so we'll keep it clean!
    4. Chris_A, Sep 15, 2017

      Chris_A New Member

      male / 35
      Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I`ll definitely check out your keto diet. Also, walking everyday for 45 minutes sounds like a really solid plan. I will do more research on this for sure.
    5. Picklerick, Sep 23, 2017

      Picklerick Member

      male / 27
      A diet will absolutely help you. Cut out refined sugars, processed checmicals, and oils, and eat more vegetables and fruit, and lean meats. Not only that, but also start exercising. Even walking 30 minutes a day will help as long as you can maintain a good heart rate the entire duration as heartrate is how well your body is trying to adjust to the "trauma" of you moving around. Once you start to move quicker and get more use to the exercise and become normalized, increase pace or intensity and duration.

      Thats all basic stuff though.
    6. Chase, Oct 5, 2017

      Chase New Member

      male / 21
      A healthy diet is a key to success :) Even you cut only sugary drinks, alcohol, and sweats, you'll see some results. And add some vegetables to your meals. Also, keep in mind that not all meat is the same.

      Cardio can also help you lose weight - start with fast walking :)
    7. Charli04, Apr 28, 2018

      Charli04 New Member

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    8. Charli04, May 12, 2018

      Charli04 New Member

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