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  • Console or PC?

    Discussion in started by BritCat32 Aug 22, 2017

    1. BritCat32, Aug 22, 2017

      BritCat32 Member

      female / 26
      I play a mix of both, playing mostly on my PC anymore. I think both options have their perks and disadvantages. I have a gaming PC as well as an Xbox One and a Nintendo Switch. My husband prefers console gaming where I feel I prefer PC gaming. Which do you like more and why?
    2. Picklerick, Sep 12, 2017

      Picklerick Member

      male / 27
      I'm more of a PC person than a Console person. mostly because Im on the internet a lot when I'm not at work. I plopped down $1200 on a powerful gaming PC that's tuned to ultra graphics on newer games and plays everything smoothly at 100+ FPS.

      BUT. There's something fun about the console. just sit on your couch, sit back, relax. Play, and not think for a while. Though I still have an Xbox 360 for gaming on consoles.
    3. nicscano, Sep 12, 2017

      nicscano Member

      female / 22
      I'm much more a console person, I use my laptop for work so it will be mixing two things together. I just love how relaxing it is to play and actually, I never got the hang of playing on my pc.
    4. Chris_A, Sep 15, 2017

      Chris_A New Member

      male / 36
      I`m definitely a PC guy. While my first gaming experiences were with the Gameboy Classic, the NES, SNES and Sega Saturn, once I got my first PC, there was no going back. Nowadays, I can`t even handle a modern XBox Controller and I`m always looking for a Keyboard and Mouse setup.
    5. MariaKyrkou, Sep 16, 2017

      MariaKyrkou Member

      female / 26
      PC girl here. Somehow I always come back to my computer, no matter what I try.