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    Discussion in started by BritCat32 Aug 22, 2017

    1. BritCat32, Aug 22, 2017

      BritCat32 Member

      female / 25
      I have finally caught up with DBS and I must admit, I am liking this more than I thought I would. I don't like that I have to watch it all in Japanese which is something I said I would never do but I want to keep up with the story. The dubbed versions take too long! haha

      Do you watch DBS?
    2. Picklerick, Sep 12, 2017

      Picklerick Member

      male / 27
      I do. But I honestly don't know why. it feels like... Dragon Ball Z fanfiction. I mean GT wasn't all that great either, but something about DBS feels a little off. I think it's mostly the animation because everyone is so shiny for some reason and super skinny, but super buff at the same time.. Like an unnatural shine to them. I kind of miss the animation style they used from the Android - Cell Saga, to even the Buu saga.
    3. BladeKin, Sep 12, 2017

      BladeKin Member

      male / 22
      Funny you mention that I was thinking the exact same thing.

      It feels like it's lost its charm. And now with the current arc it just slogging along. Making an hour long arena fight last like 40 episodes. Just not as interesting.
    4. BritCat32, Sep 14, 2017

      BritCat32 Member

      female / 25
      I don't think it feels off, it just feels more "mainstream". I know the look of it is different for use, it is a lot crisper and brighter but that aside, I am really enjoying it.