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  • How Podcasting Became Big (in Hollywood) TOP 5

    Discussion in started by Phil Sep 12, 2017

    1. Phil, Sep 12, 2017

      Phil New Member

      male / 41
      My title refers to this article in Vice.

      I was just, this past month, thinking about how much more rich my life is now that I listen to some solid podcasts on my commute. I learn so much and, though I can't confirm my driving is still on the level, I seem to arrive at my destination sooner. I even want my drive to last longer sometimes, so I can get a little bit more in! It turns out I have a lot of company, I am part of a consumer trend.

      Being reminded that I am a statistic is a bit of a downer, but, I see why this is occurring. It is not an over-hyped medium, growing only by virtue of slick adverts, and unscrupulous insidious promoters. Podcasts are genuinely what I would call good media. It feels like junk food sometimes, but it is a healthy wellness loaf.

      Here is my definitive Top 5 podcast list:

      Hard Core History
      History on Fire
      Joe Rogan
      Waking up Podcast
      We The People Live (Josh Zepps)

      What are your favourites? Any recommendations for a junky?

      I posted this in the male Nefitter forum, but it is a unisex topic, maybe? Lady Nefitters, do you listen to podcasts and, if so what's you top list? Thanks in advance for the enrichment you may bring me.
    2. BladeKin, Sep 12, 2017

      BladeKin Member

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      I think I know one reason why they've gained in popularity.

      Podcasters will often have insightful and meaningful discussions that we're unable to say/get in real social life.

      For example Joe Rogan, he's had many of these controversial political figures frequent his podcast. Those are some of the most interesting things to listen to because the stuff they talk about you'd crucified talking about in real life.