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    Discussion in started by Horikita_Suzune Sep 13, 2017

    1. Horikita_Suzune, Sep 13, 2017

      Horikita_Suzune New Member

      female / 33
      Hi! It would be cool to know where people come from and how they found the forums?

      I guess I'll start... I'm a big anime fan and I've tried a lot of fitness trends for women (Blogilates, personal training, gym membership, more personal training, gluten free and lactose free diets, and lately specific training for equestrians).

      I'm just trying to keep myself healthy and fit. I have a couple of niggling injuries that make some training stuff really difficult and I hate exercise. But I <3 being outside. So I will do active stuff, as long as it doesn't feel like repetitive gym movements.

      I guess if I had a fitness goal, I'd say it would be to drop about 5kg (yeah srsly) and improve my overall core strength and hip flexor flexibility. I'm specifically targeting lower abs.

      I found the forum through another website, and was really interested to start posting somewhere that wasn't already swamped.

      I chose my username and avatar based on my current favourite anime character from "Classroom of the Elite" Suzune Horikita. I game, watch anime and Asian drama, and enjoy all kinds of comic and geek culture. How about everyone else?

      Has anyone tried any of the fitness techniques I've tried? How did they work for you?
    2. MariaKyrkou, Sep 14, 2017

      MariaKyrkou Member

      female / 25
      Hello from me, too! I'm Maria, a big redhead fan of forums and ordinary female stuff and I simply adore making new online friendships as well!
      I can say that this website caught my eye because of fitness threads - I'm looking forward to finding some new ways of losing weight and also to learning how to eat and live more healthy in general (I admit I'm not very disciplined though!) I don't train but I would like to start in near future.
      My username is made of my name and my future surname, which is Greek - my roots and the roots of my fiance are Greek, so I am extremely proud of them! I am also a passionate music lover and I sing in a band called "Lullaby Ink", I like drawing, reading and writing short stories.. you could say I'm a pure example of an artistic soul :)
      I really hope I'm gonna have a loooot of fun here with you, guys!
    3. nicscano, Sep 14, 2017

      nicscano Member

      female / 21
      Hey there! My name is Nicole I'm 21 and health has been always some sort of passion for me. I wanted to become a nutritionist but ended up being an engineer. I 've struggled with body issues since I can remember and I really hope I can get some new healthy habits! My username is a combination of my first and last name. I'm a huge animal lover and constantly like to go out to dance!
    4. SerbianGirl, Sep 14, 2017

      SerbianGirl Member

      female / 27
      I'm Ivana, from Serbia :) I used to watch anime and I used to go to the gym... maybe it's about time to start with them again! :)

      As all of you, I also enjoy writing on forums!
    5. Dragana, Sep 16, 2017

      Dragana New Member

      female / 26
      Hello, I am Dragana, as my nick says it already :D I am from Serbia. Been training whole of my life a lot of different sports. Started with judo, then karate, later I trained female soccer for 12 years. Also, I do yoga every day. I would love to meet some people who are interested in female soccer and yoga too.
    6. MHATHORN, Sep 18, 2017

      MHATHORN New Member

      I'm Michelle and I'm from Kentucky in the US. I haven't always been active but I have been looking for a healthier lifestyle. I have a lot of activities that I am interested in but I just have to get started! I am interested in all things geek which makes this forum so unique and interesting!
      I'd love to meet people here and get inspired for a healthier life.