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  • Ketosis - my rant

    Discussion in started by Phil Sep 10, 2017

    1. Phil, Sep 10, 2017

      Phil New Member

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      Hi, new forum friends. I am spitballing some ideas about ketogenic dieting and something I could write to promote it in this climate of unreasonable doubt that is crippling valid nutrition informatics. I appreciate your feedback, but please, if you are someone who wants (or, is desperate) to get to a healthy weight, just read for the free inspiration and education. My style of writing is known in classical circles as Long and Rambling.

      The Ketogenic Diet has been written about by much more knowledgeable folks than I. However, I have been on it (and off it) for roughly ten years and I want my voice added to the meta-praise sphere of the interwebs. As far as I am concerned it is THE way to maintain a healthy weight. We can’t all be active. We can’t all “hit the gym” regularly. Some of us have children, some of us have severe chronic pain, mental illness, or, um, real people jobs (shafted with the shift, 14h00 represent!). Besides, exercise, as healthy as it is, is not the key to healthy body weight; It is but one key to a fit body. Ketogenic diets, you know, like Paleo or the Dukan diet, get it done. On these types of diets, I lost weight quickly, remained at a healthy weight, and, best of all, hit all the maximal indicators for health and wellness (energy, mental well-being, being hot...etc).

      There is some content online claiming ketosis is dangerous. Though reasonable caution is warranted when making any big changes involving your diet, especially with some of the science (a process for finding truth that never ends) backing it, that caution is vastly outweighed by the risks associated with obesity, like diabetes, heart disease and regular old-fashioned death by dying.

      Just as an aside, the golden mean serves as a philosophical founding pillar of western thought, and it should, but it too often translates into plain dumb ideas of “balance” (think, putting a flat earther on the same stage as Stephen Hawking). In science, it should be expressed as the cautious intellectual pace followed by those who comprehend the process of building knowledge is incomplete. Online, the thinking of online doctors (WebMD I am looking at you!) sometimes sounds like new thinking is hindered by old bias or disproven facts. Opinions lean backward, as if shackled to an old and long-since debunked mode of thinking about nutrition. This is not the spirit of our cultural maxim of “the golden mean” in the west, it is its mendacious step sister.

      Speaking of science and western culture, Ketogenic diets have a track record in traditional western medicine for doing much more than making women find me attractive. In ancient Greece, THE Galen of Pergamon, noted how fasting mediates significantly the occurrence of seizures in epileptic patients. Guess what fasting does? It initiates the same process of producing ketones that eating only fat and protein does! Turns out, ya, people with severe epilepsy, often severe epilepsy not responding to drugs, can reduce or even eliminate their seizures with fasting or ketogenic diets! Ketogenic diets have been used, in place of completes fasting to control seizures in epileptics since the 1920s. Read this New York Times article about Sam and his struggle with epilepsy.

      In the newest research, there are even indications that ketogenic diets correlate with amelioration and prevention of some cancers. Moreover, and I think you could see this coming, diabetes and acne can be as much as eliminated as a future state of affairs for you. But, I digress.

      Here’s what I recommend: tomorrow, get all the stuff you need at the grocery store. The next day, have a big cup of bulletproof coffee for breakfast (use coconut oil), a can of brisling sardines in olive oil or two for lunch, then an egg yolk omelette (with feta and spinach) for dinner. Snack on a good bag of roasted salted macadamia nuts in between. This will get you off the ground. Return to this thread often to share food ideas with fellow Nefitters.

      Look, the point of my composing this opera of TL;DR meta truth, is that you can lose weight and be happy. You can lose it this year, this month, this week, starting today, and it is done by eating foods rich in fat, protein, with a decent side of approved vegetables. The risks are another person’s dream of what matters for you and delusions of what you are capable. The one who decides is you, and, I think you, my friend, like me, and like a lot more of us than doctor call-me-by-my-first-name-on-the-internet knows exist, know it is time.
    2. BladeKin, Sep 11, 2017

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      Ketogenic Diets are definitely controversial. True it might cause weight loss but at what cost?
    3. Phil, Sep 12, 2017

      Phil New Member

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      Less than the cost of being overweight, I argue. Do you have any particular finding in mind? I am always open minded on this stuff.
    4. BladeKin, Sep 12, 2017

      BladeKin Member

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    5. Phil, Sep 12, 2017

      Phil New Member

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      Bookmarked! Thanks. Yes.
    6. Chris_A, Sep 15, 2017

      Chris_A New Member

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      So, would you recommend the Paleo diet for someone looking to loose a bit of weight and have as healthy a nutrition as possible?
    7. Picklerick, Sep 23, 2017

      Picklerick Member

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      I think most of the controversy stems from the fact that it tends to stray away from good advice. We all know that the basic diet (eating less calories, more nutrition and minerals, and less refined sugars, and drinking more water) works because it's just science. But the Ketogenic diet uses more fat than carbs, which can put a strain on the heart. Plus, a lot of people don't differentiate between "good fat" and "bad fat."