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  • Single or multi-player games?

    Discussion in started by BritCat32 Sep 8, 2017

    1. BritCat32, Sep 8, 2017

      BritCat32 Member

      female / 26
      I used to only play single player games but as I got older, now I prefer games I can play with other people online. I feel like it gives more to the game and allows the game to last a lot longer.
    2. nicscano, Sep 11, 2017

      nicscano Member

      female / 22
      Well for me it depends on the game. I actually enjoy rpgs more than any other type of games but they mostly all come in single player mode. Games like call of duty and battlefield are definitely more fun to play with other people.
    3. Picklerick, Sep 12, 2017

      Picklerick Member

      male / 27
      Right now, unfortunately, I'm stuck on World of Warcraft still. Other than that, I actually prefer single player games when I get the chance. There's just something I like about taking a story at my own pace, doing it at my own pace, modding it up if I can, and taking my time.
    4. nicscano, Sep 12, 2017

      nicscano Member

      female / 22
      Games like Zelda and final fantasy have that feeling of just taking your own time as well. Also, Skyrim is another game as well that demands you to just play it at your own pace!
    5. SerbianGirl, Sep 14, 2017

      SerbianGirl Member

      female / 28
      I was always sorry that I don't know how to play one of those multiplayer games :) but I'm a girl, and girls don't play games... (I remember that only Counter Strike was popular when I was a kid)
    6. Horikita_Suzune, Sep 14, 2017

      Horikita_Suzune New Member

      female / 34
      How is this unfortunate? There's no shame in WoW.
      But generally I play alone. I prefer FPS and puzzle narratives, and they don't lend themselves to coop. I find any kind of capture the flag and war games really boring... so I haven't found anything that really lends itself to multiplayer and keeps my attention. I am completely open to suggestions though?!
    7. BritCat32, Sep 14, 2017

      BritCat32 Member

      female / 26
      Huh? I have been playing video games since I was a child and I am a woman. I am not sure where you got the idea that girls don't play games. That is just silly!
    8. Horikita_Suzune, Sep 15, 2017

      Horikita_Suzune New Member

      female / 34
      Agree! But I took the post about being a girl who doesn't game as sarcastic... I sure hope it was.
    9. Dragana, Sep 16, 2017

      Dragana New Member

      female / 26
      I enjoy playing multiplayer games with my husband. We often play football and basketball, and some car races. While alone, I love to play quizzes. Some games which require thinking and solving problems. Yes, I am kind of a nerd.
    10. BladeKin, Sep 16, 2017

      BladeKin Member

      male / 23
    11. Chase, Oct 9, 2017

      Chase New Member

      male / 22
      I prefer mostly multi-player games :)