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  • Staying classy with high heels

    Discussion in started by Kate Chloe Aug 19, 2017

    1. Kate Chloe, Aug 19, 2017
      Kate Chloe

      Kate Chloe New Member

      female / 32
      Do you really need a high heeled shoe to be on top of your fashion game? While some will say it’s a no no, others cannot leave their homes without it. Whatever be the case, it may not be wrong to say that women generally like high heels.
      Indeed, the fashion industry has placed much preference and priority on high heels, little wonder you can see ladies on it in the malls, workplace and other places. Many believe that a woman’s wardrobe is never complete without some pairs of high heels. Do you concur with this?
      What’s your take on the trendy high heels among women? Can you do without it?
    2. LeoB., Aug 21, 2017

      LeoB. New Member

      female / 45
      I agree: high heels are a must-have on a woman´s wardrobe! We became so much more elegant and feminine.
      On a regular basis I don´t use it, my job requires more comfortable shoes, but whenever I´m going out for a dinner or a disco, definitely high heels! (and a nice make up)
    3. BritCat32, Aug 22, 2017

      BritCat32 Member

      female / 26
      It is funny because high-heels were actually first designed for men. The purpose was to make horse riding easier. I am really not sure when it became something women wore for fashion but I would imagine it had to do with men generally becoming taller and the lack of actually needing to ride horses.
    4. Dragana, Sep 16, 2017

      Dragana New Member

      female / 26
      High-heels do look really classy. If someone knows how to wear them, of course. It also depends on the color and the design. I love classical, black, not too high but also not with a low heel. I am a total classic, actually.
    5. SerbianGirl, Oct 9, 2017

      SerbianGirl Member

      female / 28
      I love them, but I don't have when and where to wear them... so I have only one pair. Classic black ones :)