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    Discussion in started by SerbianGirl Sep 14, 2017

    1. SerbianGirl, Sep 14, 2017

      SerbianGirl Member

      female / 28
      Have you played it? :)

      It was my favorite game. I could play it for hours. My sister loved just building houses, but I actually enjoyed creating their lives. Especially when the Sims 2 came out.
    2. nicscano, Sep 14, 2017

      nicscano Member

      female / 22
      I've never played it but I love seeing game plays of them. Weird right?!
    3. BritCat32, Sep 14, 2017

      BritCat32 Member

      female / 26
      I played the first 3 with some expansion packs. I have yet to play Sims 4 but I will likely be getting it soon. I get too sucked into those games and lose track of time. haha
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    4. Chris_A, Sep 15, 2017

      Chris_A New Member

      male / 36
      I love the Sims series. My favorite one is Sims 3. I did not check out 4 yet, but 3 with all it`s expansions offers a ton of content that can last you months. Have you guys checked out Sims: Medieval as well? What are your thoughts about it?
    5. Dragana, Sep 16, 2017

      Dragana New Member

      female / 26
      Oh yes, I loved it so much. Although, it can cause depression when you come back to the real life. :rolleyes: Just kidding... My favorite part was a vacation and making magic, what was yours? Oh, yes, and a hot date! :p
    6. MariaKyrkou, Sep 16, 2017

      MariaKyrkou Member

      female / 26
      I loved The Sims, but also only as long as I was building houses. :D I played 2 and 3, and hell, now I got nostalgic, I believe I will install it again. :D
    7. SerbianGirl, Sep 17, 2017

      SerbianGirl Member

      female / 28
      I didn't even know there's Sims 4 - I'll have to try it :cool::)

      The Sims: Unleashed :)
    8. Chase, Oct 9, 2017

      Chase New Member

      male / 22
      I loved it! I mostly enjoyed building houses, but I've also loved playing it (Sims2 and Sims3 - I've never played Sims1).
    9. SerbianGirl, Oct 9, 2017

      SerbianGirl Member

      female / 28
      Sims 1 will always have a special place in my heart :)
    10. golden, Oct 24, 2017

      golden New Member

      female / 39
      I have played it. Sims 2 will always be my favourite game but I actually like Sims 4 a lot. I wish there was a way to combine these two!
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    11. ConfigRouter, Dec 5, 2017

      ConfigRouter New Member

      male / 24